Busy Prepositions

First Aired: ??
Lyrics & Music: Bob Dorough
Performed by: Bob Dorough and Jack Sheldon
Designed by: Bill Peckmann
Animation by: J.J. Sedelmaier Productions

This was one of two songs added after the series originally aired (Mr. Morton was the other) to complete the set of videos.

School House Rock
Grammar Rock

Busy Prepositions

Like a butterfly
or like a bee,
Like an ant
as busy as can be,
these little words
we call the busy P's.

Nine or ten of them do most all of the work.
(of, on, to, with, in, from, by, far, at over, across)
and many others do their job,
which is simply to connect
their noun or pronoun object
to some other word in the sentence.
Busy P's...
If you please.

On the top is where you are.
(top relates to where)
With a friend you'll travel far.
(with a friend you'll go)
If you try you know that you can fly.
Over the rainbow.
(over the rainbow is where you can fly)

Busy prepositions.
Always on the go.
Like a bunch of busy bees,
Floating pollen on the breese.
Buzzing over the medows,
beyond the forrest, through the trees,
into the beehive.
Busy, busy P's.
(in, to, beyond, over, on, through)

Busy prepositions.
Always out in front.
On the edges, in the cracks.
'round the corner 'round the back.
In between the action,
stating clearly to your satisfaction,
the location and direction.
Prepositions give specific information.

Though little words they are
they never stand alone.

Gathering words behind them
you soon will see
how they have grown into the parade.
A prepositional phrase.
With a noun or at least a pronoun
bringing up the rear.
A little phrase of two or
three or four or more words.
(Prepositions! Attention! Foreward march!)

Busy Prepositions.
Always on the march.
Like a hoarde of soldier ants,
inching bravely foreward on the slimest chance
that they might better their positions.
Busy, busy prepositions.

In the air. On the ground. Everywhere.

The sun sank lower in the west,
In the west it sank.
And it will rise in the morning,
and will bring the light of day.
Each day the sun comes up in the east,
In the east it rises.

Busy Prepositions.
Busy, busy, busy.
On the top is where you are.
On the top.
If you will try you know that you can fly.
Fly where?
Over the rainbow.