A Victim Of Gravity

School House Rock
America Rock

A Victim Of Gravity

Down, down, down, down gravity

Helpin' wash the dishes
And I drop a cup.
Why does everything fall down
Instead of up?
Ridin' up a hill I spill
And hit the ground.
Wish I could fall up instead of always failing down.

Down, de-down, down, down.

I'm a victim of gravity.
Everything keeps failin' down on me.
No matter where I go
That force is there I know,
Just a pullin' me down, down, down, down, down.
It's all around town now,
It's like a magnet deep inside the ground.
When I lift something up,
I can feel it pulling down.

it pulls me in the pool,
It pulls rain down on me.
I'm a victim of
Down, down, down, down, gravity, yeah.

Galileo, Galileo, Galliel-
He did experiments with a force he couldn't see.
(Could not see, yeah.)
He found that all things fall to earth at the very same speed
(Very same speed, yeah.)
He didn't know it yet, but that was due to gravity.
The moon goes'round the earth
And shines its silver light.
The earth goes 'round the sun
And makes the seasons right.
It isn't love that makes the world go 'round, you see,
It's the power of gravity,
But please don't tell Mary Jean.
Down, de-down, down, down.

Without earth's gravity
To keep us in our place,
We'd have no weight at all,
We'd be in outer space.
The sea would float away,
And so would fields and towns,
Nothin'pullin'us down, down, down, down, down, yeah.

Isaac Newton underneath the apple tree.
(Apple tree, yeah)
One hit him on the head,
He said, "That must be gravity."

Newton's law of gravity says that every object in the universe pulls on every other object. The bigger the object, the stronger the Pull. But the greater the distance between the objects, the weaker the pull becomes.

Come back, Mary Jean!

Don't call me clumsy,
Don't call me a fool.
When things fall down on me,
I'm following the rule;
The rule that says that what goes up, comes down, like me,
I'm a victim of down, down, down, down gravity.

Shoo-be doo, down, down, down.

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