The Adventures of Jonny Quest

Adventures of Jonny Quest

ABC - Premiered 9-18-64

Jonny Quest Jonny Quest is one of the most fondly-remembered kids' Saturday morning shows from the 1960's and 70's. Adventure-loving Jonny (voiced by a young Tim Matheson), his Hindu pal Hadji, dog Bandit, scientist-father Benton Quest, and friend/bodyguard Race Bannon traveled the world getting into all sorts of hair-raising shenanigans, meeting up with everything from power-mad Asian warlords to invisible monsters made of electricity. The series was so popular that its original episodes ran in syndication for over fifteen years, and on all three major TV networks. (It eventually wound up as part of The Godzilla Power Hour and Godzilla Super 90.) A revival series was launched in 1987, but of course it couldn't come close to the excitement of the original. Cheesy animation aside, Jonny Quest was a thrill ride for kids of the late 60's and 70's. Just hearing the theme music used to get me excited. Half hour. Aired September 18, 1964 thru September 6, 1981.

Voice talent:
Jonny Quest - Tim Matheson
Dr. Benton Quest - John Stephenson / Don Messick
Roger 'Race' Bannon - Mike Road
Hadji - Danny Bravo
Bandit - Don Messick


Double Danger
The Curse of Anubis
The Mystery of the Lizardmen
Riddle of the Gold
Arctic Splashdown
Calcutta Adventure
Pursuit of the Po-Ho
Shadow of the Condor
Treasure of the Temple
The Robot Spy
The Dreadful Doll
Skull and Double Crossbones
A Small Matter of Pygmies
Dragons of Ashida
Turu the Terrible
Attack of the Tree People
The Fradulent Volcano
The Werewolf of the Timberland
The Invisible Monster
Pirates From Below
The Devil's Tower
The House of the Seven Gargoyles
Terror Island
Monster in the Monastery
The Sea Haunt
The 'Q' Missile Mystery