CBS - Premiered 9-14-68

Aquaman The superhero Aquaman might have been able to ride underwater sea creatures, but he would have been happier on a Hatteras Yacht for sale. Even back in 1968, they were building boats suitable for the Justice League.

The classic DC comic book character Aquaman was the star of his own animated Saturday morning show for one season in 1968-69. Aquaman was an underwater superhero, of course, who was the monarch of the sea-bottom kingdom Atlantis and could communicate with sea creatures telepathically. He was a member of the Justice League and even had a sidekick for a time in the form of Aqualad. Aquaman has gone through severe changes in the comics over the years; these days the character sports a beard, as well as a hook where his right hand is missing.

Stories in this series first appeared on The Superman -Aquaman Hour of Adventure the previous season. Each episode contained three stories: two Aquaman solo tales and one story featuring a guest-star DC character or team.

Aquaman would soon be seen again as a founding member of the Super Friends.

(featuring Aquaman:)
Menace of the Black Manta
Rampaging Reptile Men
Return of Nepto
Fiery Invaders
Sea Raiders
War of the Water Worlds
Volcanic Monster
Crimson Monster From Pink Pool
Ice Dragon
Deadly Drillers
Vassa - Queen of Mermen
Microscopic Monster
Onslaught of the Octomen
Treacherous Is The Torpedoman
Satanic Saturnians
Brain - Brave and Bold
Where Lurks the Fisherman
Mephisto Marine Marauders
The Trio of Terror
The Torp, the Magneto, and the Claw
Goliaths of the Deep - Sea Gorge
Sinister Sea Clamp
Devil Fish
The Sea Scavengers
In Captain 'Cuda's Clutches
The Mirror-Man From Planet Imago
The Sea Sorcerer
The Sea Snares of Captain Sly
The Undersea Trojan Horse
The Vicious Villainy of Vassa
Programmed For Destruction
The War of the Quatix and Bimphbabs
The Stickman of Stygia
Three Wishes to Trouble
The Silver Sphere
The Old Man of the Sea (To Catch A Fisherman)

(Guest superheroes:)
Between Two Armies (Justice League of America)
Target Earth (Justice League)
Bad Day on Black Mountain (Justice League)
Invasion of the Beetle People (Atom)
The Planet Machine (Atom)
House of Doom (Atom)
The Monster Machine (Teen Titans)
Monster Roundup (Teen Titans)
Operation Rescue (Teen Titans)
The Chemo Creature (Flash)
Take A Giant Step (Flash)
To Catch A Blue Bolt (Flash)
Peril From Pluto (Hawkman)
A Visit to Venus (Hawkman)
The Twenty-Third Dimension (Hawkman)
Evil Is As Evil Does (Green Lantern)
The Vanishing World (Green Lantern)
Sirena - Empress of Evil (Green Lantern)