Ark II

Ark II
CBS - Premiered 9-11-76

Ark II Ark II concerned a young group of scientists travelling through a blasted-out, post-apocalyptic future world (the year 2476, to be precise) in their super-duper, totally cherried-out custom RV. The mixed-ethnicity family of father Jonah, young hottie Ruth, and token-early-70's Hispanic kid Samuel, along with chimp Adam, brought tantalyzing tidbits of civilization to the few struggling remnants of humanity they encountered on their travels. They're named after Biblical characters, and they ride around in an ark - get it?!! Anyway, as I recall, the show was okay but not too exciting... in other words, not enough blood-&-guts or monsters; but, that was typical for mid-70's kids' shows which bent over backward to conform to the political correctness of the time. Still, the show did occasionally feature some kick-ass guest stars: Helen Hunt (who would become comfortable enough with the chimpanzee to someday be able to tolerate Paul Reiser); Jonathan Harris (the wonderful drama queen from Lost In Space, who would soon resurface on Space Academy); and even Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet.

Exactly 25 years after this show's premiere, Middle Eastern terrorists conducted a major attack on the United States... possibly knocking over the first domino that will eventually lead to the end of civilization as we know it, just like in Ark II. Coincidence? Perhaps... perhaps not. Adam's not talking.

Jonah - Terry Lester
Ruth - Jean Marie Hon
Samuel - Jose Flores


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