The Atom Ant - Secret Squirrel Show

The Atom Ant - Secret Squirrel Show
NBC - Premiered 10-2-65

Atom Ant - Secret Squirrel The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show was an hour-long block of cartoons produced by Hanna-Barbera. Atom Ant was basically an insect wearing a white helmet who had been given super-powers; and Secret Squirrel was the James Bond of the rodent world, wearing a trenchcoat fitted out with weapons and gadgets, and aided by the faithful fez-wearing Morocco Mole. Besides the two title characters, also appearing were cartoons featuring "The Hillbilly Bears," about a bunch of backwoods Southern hick bears (named the Ruggs) who wear overalls and oversize, misshapen cowboy hats (as all Southerners do, of course); "Precious Pupp," about a mischievous dog who fools his wealthy, sweet-little-old-lady owner into thinking he's obediant; "Squiddly Diddly," a squid who tries to become a show-biz star; and "Winsome Witch," a witch who tries to do good deeds with the powers granted to her by Satan.

For a time the show was split into two halves, then glued together again nine months later. Just thought you should know that.

Voice talent:
Atom Ant - Howard Morris / Don Messick
Secret Squirrel - Mel Blanc
Morocco Mole - Paul Frees
Paw Rugg - Henry Corden
Maw Rugg / Floral Rugg - Jean Vander Pyl
Shag Rugg - Don Messick
Precious Pupp - Don Messick
Granny Sweet - Janet Waldo
Squiddly Diddly - Paul Frees
Chief Winchley - John Stephenson
Winsome Witch - Jean Vander Pyl