The Banana Splits Adventure Hour

The Banana Splits Adventure Hour
NBC - Premiered 9-7-68

the Banana Splits The Banana Splits Adventure Hour was a well-loved, goofy, hour-long Saturday morning show featuring four actors in animal costumes miming wacky host segments in between some cartoons and live-action adventure features. Given that this was the late 60's, the menagerie had formed their own rock band. The show, with its variety format and frenetically-edited pace, resembled a cross between Laugh-In and the Beatles' Hard Days Night. The Banana Splits were:

Fleagle the beagle - acted by Jeffrey Brock, voiced by Paul Winchell; guitar.
Drooper the lion - acted by Daniel Owen, voiced by Allan Melvin; guitar.
Bingo the gorilla - acted by Terence Henry, voiced by Daws Butler; drums.
Snorky the elephant - acted by Robert Towers, voiced by Don Messick (although Snorky never spoke, he honked); keyboards.

The other segments of the BSAH were often more interesting: "The Three Musketeers" and "The Arabian Knights" were fairly standard cartoon adventures; "Hillbilly Bears" was a repeat of cartoons first seen on Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show; "The Micro Venture" was about a professor who taught his children about the unseen world of tiny things by shrinking them (?!) and going exploring; it used microscopic film footage for a background. "Danger Island" was a live-action segment (filmed on location) that appeared every week and always ended on a cliff-hanger. It featured a young Jan Michael Vincent as one of the leads.

The Banana Splits Discography

The Banana Splits - whose music was provided by such music professionals as Gene Pitney and Barry White - put out a surprising number of songs while the characters were still popular with kids. Twelve songs appeared on the Decca record album We're the Banana Splits; some only appeared on the TV show and some were distributed on the backs of Kellogg's cereal boxes. Here's what should be a complete list of their songs:

The Banana Splits (Theme Song)
We're the Banana Splits
I'm Gonna Find a Cave
This Spot
Doin' the Banana Split
Toy Piano Melody
The Tra La La Song (One Banana, Two Banana)
Wait 'Til Tomorrow
You're the Lovin' End
In New Orleans
Two-Ton Tessie
Don't Go Away - Go-Go Girl
That's the Pretty Part of You [Kellogg's cereal box single]
It's a Good Day for a Parade [Kellogg's]
The Very First Kid on my Block [Kellogg's]
I Enjoy Being a Boy (In Love With You) [Kellogg's]
The Beautiful Calliope [Kellogg's]
The Show Must Go On [played on the TV show only]
Adam Had 'Em [TV-only]
Pop Cop [TV-only]
I'd Be a Millionaire [TV-only]