The Batman/Superman Hour

The Batman/Superman Hour
CBS - Premiered 9-14-68

The Batman - Superman Hour was, as its name implies, an hour-long cartoon series featuring the most popular heroes from DC Comics.

Batman Robin Batgirl Superman had been seen onscreen previously starting two seasons earlier, in The New Adventures of Superman - so named because the show was considered an extension of the earlier live-action series - as well as The Superman/ Aquaman Hour of Adventure, which ran the previous season. (Aquaman spent this season in his own solo series.)

This was the first time the character of Batman appeared in cartoon form on television; the live-action show had been cancelled the previous March after a spectacularly successful (if short) run. Kids were anxious to see the superhero in more traditional cartoon action stories fighting against his classic enemies (such as the Joker, the Penguin, and the Riddler) and alongside Robin and Batgirl.

The series consisted of four segments in each episode: three Superman and one Batman. The Superman stories were repeated segments from the earlier shows mentioned previously; the Batman stories would themselves be repeated the next season as part of The Adventures of Batman.

The voices of Batman and Robin in this series were performed by Olan Soule and Casey Kasem; the two would go on to voice the dynamic duo in other cartoon shows, including their appearances in The New Scooby-Doo Movies as well as the various Super Friends series. Superman was voiced by Bud Collyer, who had been the original voice of the character on radio starting in 1940.

Voice Talents:
Superman/Clark Kent: Bud Collyer
Batman/Bruce Wayne/Alfred the Butler: Olan Soule
Robin/Dick Grayson: Kasey Casem
Batgirl/Barbara Gordon/Catwoman: Jane Webb
Lois Lane: Joan Alexander
Jimmy Olsen: Jack Grimes
Narrator: Jackson Beck