Birdman and the Galaxy Trio

Birdman and the Galaxy Trio
NBC - Premiered 9-9-67

Birdman Birdman and the Galaxy Trio was a half-hour color cartoon show consisting of three segments, two Birdman episodes surrounding one Galaxy Trio episode in the middle.

Birdman was a standard costumed crimefighter with the power of flight; he was accompanied by an eagle named Avenger and could produce heat rays and a force shield. Birdman got his powers from the sun god Ra and was robbed of them when absent too long from sunlight. He worked for a government law-enforcement agency, under the direct command of the agent known as Falcon 7. The Galaxy Trio consisted of Vapor Man, Gravity Girl, and Meteor Man who traversed the galaxy in a spaceship called Condor I. All three heroes possessed super-powers: Vapor Man could turn into any gas; Gravity Girl could control gravity; and Meteor Man could change the size of any part of his body at will. (Hmm...)

Birdman was later spoofed on the cartoon series Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law. "Biiiiiiiiiiirrrrrdmaaaaan!"

Voice talent:
Birdman / Ray Randall - Keith Andes
Birdboy - Dick Beals
Falcon 7 / Vapor Man - Don Messick
Gravity Girl - Virginia Eiler
Meteor Man - Ted Cassidy

Birdman Episodes:

The Menace of Dr. Millennium
X The Eliminator
The Ruthless Ringmaster
Morto the Marauder
Birdman Vs. Cumulus the Storm King
Nitro the Human Bomb
Birdman Vs. the Mummer
The Quake Threat
Avenger For Ransom
The Brain Thief
Birdman Vs. the Constructor
The Bird Girl
Birdman Meets Reducto
Serpents of the Deep
Hannibal the Hunter
The Purple Moss
The Incredible Magnatroid
Mentor, the Mind Taker
The Wings of Fear
Birdman Vs. Dr. Freezoids
Train Trek
Number One
The Deadly Duplicator
The Deadly Trio
Professor Nightshade
The Chameleon
The Empress of Evil
Birdman Meets Birdboy
Birdman Meets Moray of the Deep
Birdman and the Monster of the Mountains
The Return of Volturo
Birdman in The Revenge of Dr. Millennium
The Wild Weird West
The Ant Ape
Morto Rides Again
Skon of Space

Galaxy Trio episodes:

Revolt of the Robots
The Battle of the Aquatrons
Galaxy Trio Vs. the Moltens of Meteorus
Galaxy Trio Vs. Growliath
Galaxy Trio and the Sleeping Planet
Galaxy Trio and the Cave Men of Primevia
Titan, the Titanium Man
Computron Lives
Space Fugitives
The Eye of Time
The Duplitrons
The Demon Raiders
The Rock Men
Return to Aqueous
Space Slaves
Invasion of the Sporoids
Gralik of Gravitas
Plastus, the Pirate Planet
Drackmore the Despot
The Peril of the Prison Planet
The Demon Raiders