The Brady Kids

The Brady Kids
ABC - Premiered 9-16-72

The Brady Kids In 1972 the kids from The Brady Bunch reprised their roles on the popular sitcom (which was still at that time a going concern) in this animated series devoted to their adventures. Mom, Dad, and Alice, however, are conspicuously absent, replaced by an enchanted myna bird named Marlon, a sheep dog named Mop Top, and two Chinese-speaking pandas named Ping and Pong. (Well, sure, I can see the - huh?!) The Kids solved mysteries using their tree-top clubhouse for a base of operations, while getting involved in the usual teenaged shenanigans.

The show originally appeared as an episode of The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie before running as a regular series. The kids in the cartoon were voiced by the same actors as appeared on the regular TV show, and were drawn to (somewhat) resemble the actors themselves.

Voice Talents:
Greg - Barry Williams
Marsha - Maureen McCormick
Peter - Christopher Knight
Jan - Eve Plumb
Bobby - Mike Lookinland
Cindy - Susan Olsen
Marlon / Ping / Pong - Larry Storch