Casper and the Angels

Casper and the Angels
NBC - Premiered 9-22-79

Casper and the Angels [The following should be read in a creepy, 'In a world gone mad...' movie-preview voice:]

The year is 2179. Two police officers patrol futuristic Space City, doing their best against the lawless elements which threaten peace and justice. They are helped in their heroic endeavors... by the spirits of the dead.

What were they thinking? NBC executives took sweet Casper the Friendly Ghost and transported him to the future, where he assisted Space Police agents Maxie (African-American) and Minnie (redhead); another 'comic relief' ghost, Harry Scary, was designed just for this show. This thing was such a stinker that it went through three different time slots during its run, and was gone within eight months. No wonder hardly anybody remembers it.

Voice Talent:
Casper - Julie McWhirter
Maxie - Diane McCannon
Minnie - Laurel Page
Harry Scary / the Commander - John Stephenson