The Cattanooga Cats

The Cattanooga Cats
ABC - Premiered 9-6-69

the Cattanooga Cats Like the Banana Splits, the Cattanooga Cats were a rock band whose show featured a few short host segments between a handful of cartoon series. The Cats were composed of singer Kitty Jo, guitarist Country, bassist Scoots, and drummer Groovey. The band hosted the show, and their musical numbers were used to segue between the cartoons. 'Motor Mouse and Auto Cat' featured the famous cat-and-mouse plot, this time with the animal nemeses competing in car races (with the mouse always winning, of course); 'Around the World in 79 Days' loosely followed the Jules Verne novel in that teenaged Phileas Fogg Jr. and pals Jenny and Happy circumnavigated the globe in an effort to win a million pounds, opposed by the villainous Crumden and his henchman Bumbler and a pet monkey named Smirky; and 'It's the Wolf,' where wolf Mildew (voiced by the irrepressible Paul Lynde) chased around sheep Lambsey for the purpose of eating him.

After the first season of hour-long episodes, Motor Mouse and Auto Cat spun off into its own series, taking 'It's the Wolf' with it as half of its 30-minute show. The Cattanooga Cats ran for one more season of reruns before being replaced. An album of eleven songs was released of the Cats' material.

Voice Talents:
Kitty Jo - Julie Bennett
Scoots - Jim Begg
Groovey - Casey Kasem
Country - Bill Callaway
Auto Cat - Marty Ingles
Motor Mouse - Dick Curtis
Phileas Fogg Jr - Bruce Watson
Happy / Smirky - Don Messick
Jenny Trent - Janet Waldo
Bristol Hound / Bumbler - Allan Melvin
Crumden / Lambsy - Daws Butler
Mildew Wolf - Paul Lynde