The C. B. Bears

The C.B. Bears
NBC - Premiered 9-10-77

the C.B. Bears The CB Bears featured a trio of crime-fighting bears who traveled around in a gadget-laden garbage truck, taking orders (over their C.B. radio, of course) from a female voice named Charlie - making the show not only a lame, slapdash attempt to cash in on the late-70's Citezen's Band radio craze, but also a swipe of Charlie's Angels (which was popular at the time). The hour-long show also featured other animated segments: 'Undercover Elephant,' 'Heyyyy, It's the King,' featuring a Fonzie-like lion in misadventures with other animal friends; 'Shake, Rattle, and Roll,' where a trio of ghosts run a hotel; 'Blastoff Buzzard and Crazy Legs,' a Road Runner homage in that the chase between a buzzard and a snake unfolds without dialog; and 'Posse Impossible,' about three clumsy cowboys dispensing justice in the Old West town of Saddlesore.

Yes, all of it really is as bad as it sounds.

Voice Talent:
Hustle / Undercover Elephant / Big Duke / Stick - Daws Butler
Bump - Henry Corden
Boogie / Blubber - Chuck McCann
Charlie - Susan Davis
The King / Yukayuka / Rattle - Lennie Weinrib
Loud Mouse - Bob Hastings
Big H - Sheldon Allman
Clyde - Don Messick
Skids - Marvin Kaplan
Zelda - Susan Silo
Sheena - Ginny McSwain
Sheriff - Bill Woodson
Shake - Paul Winchell
Roll - Joe E. Ross
Sidney Merciless - Alan Oppenheimer