The Clue Club

Clue Club
CBS - Premiered 8-14-76

Clue Club concerned the adventures of four teenagers who solved mysteries by collecting clues in the manner of Sherlock Holmes. The kids - Dotty, Larry, Pepper, and D.D. - were assisted in their endeavors by two cowardly dogs, Woofer and Whimper.

After the first year of shows, Clue Club became a part of the larger part of The Skatebirds, which replayed the first season's episodes in repeats, under the title Woofer and Whimper, Dog Detectives. (These were highly edited, which often resulted in the episodes being nearly incomprehensible.) After one year with the Skatebirds, the show returned under the original title on Sundays, but only until the beginning of the next year, at which point it was cancelled.

Voice Talents:
Dotty - Tara Talboy
Larry - David Joliffe
Pepper - Patricia Stich
D.D. - Bob Hastings
Woofer - Paul Winchell
Whimper - Jim McGeorge