Clutch Cargo

Clutch Cargo
Syndicated - Premiered March 1959

Clutch Cargo Clutch Cargo concerned the adventures of the titular hero, his young pal Spinner, and dog Paddlefoot. Clutch was a globe-trotting adventurer and ex-writer, who traveled the world in his airplane helping folks in need. The show was actually comprised of five-minute sections, five to an episode, for a total of twenty-six episodes.

The main thing people remember about Clutch Cargo was its unique visuals. The cartoon was animated in a very limited fashion, with many still shots and hardly any movement (that is to say, very cheaply), but the mouths of the human characters were actually human voice actors' mouths superimposed over their animated counterparts. The patented process was known as Synchro-Vox, and for many young viewers, seeing those pink human lips talking on frozen cartoon heads was at once fascinating and at the same time a bit creepy. To adults, it now appears comical (especially given modern special effects technology), but at the time, it must have saved Clutch's creators, Cambria Studios, quite a bit of money.

Two more cartoons also used the Synchro-Vox process: Captain Fathom in 1965, and more famously, Space Angel, a far-flung space opera.

Voice Talents:
Clutch Cargo - Richard Cotting
Spinner / Paddlefoot - Margaret Kerry
Swampy - Hal Smith