Davey and Goliath

Davey & Goliath
Syndicated - Premiered in 1960

Davey & Goliath "Gee, Davey..." Davey & Goliath was a lovingly-remembered religious cartoon that aired often on Sundays (and sometimes Saturdays) in the 1960's & 70's. Funded by the Lutheran Council of Churches, the stop-motion-animated show (created by Art Clokey, who also created Gumby) featured storylines where young Davey and talking dog Goliath got into minor trouble in every episode, but always learned a good, moral lesson about life for their troubles. Goliath - whose voice only Davey could hear, as in many other talking-animal stories - often acted as Davey's conscience, who tried to lead the kid away from trouble (usually without success). The show's dialog often moved along in a slower, simple format so that even smaller children could understand the situations fully and learn from them.

Davey lived in a small town with his parents and younger sister Sally, pals Jimmy and Teddy, and adults like Officer Dan (sometimes known as Officer Bob. Davey's best friend Jonathan, however, is black - an interesting development at the time, and possibly one which only a religious cartoon could have gotten away with. While ostensibly a religious show designed to instill moral lessons, D&G never put the preaching ahead of the entertainment, and holds up remarkably well even today.

Davey & Goliath was comprised of 15-minute episodes, with six 30-minute special programs also produced. It can sometimes still appear in local markets.

Voice Talents:
Davey - Dick Beals / Norma McMillen
Goliath - Hal Smith
Other voices: Richard Belsh, Nancy Wible

15-Minute Episodes:
(Series 1:)
Lost in a Cave
Stranded on an Island
The Wild Goat
The Winner
The New Skates
Cousin Barney
The Kite
The Mechanical Man
The Time Machine
On the Line
The Polka-Dot Tie
All Alone
Pilgrim Boy
(Series 2:)
The Silver Mine
Ten Little Indians
Boy Lost
A Sudden Storm
The Bell Ringer
Not For Sale
The Shoemaker
The Runaway
Officer Bob
The Parade
The Dog Show
Down on the Farm
The Waterfall
(Series 3:)
Happy Landing
Man of the House
Bully Up A Tree
Big Apple
The Bridge
The Gang
The Lemonade Stand
Hocus Pocus
Good Neighbor
A Dillar, A Dollar
Rags and Buttons
Jeep in the Deep
(Series 4:)
The Stopped Clock
Who Me?
If At First You Don't Succeed
Finders Keepers
The Caretakers
The Hard Way
Boy in Trouble
The Greatest Blind Man's Bluff
Who's George?
(Series 5:)
Zillion Dollar Combo
Upside Down and Backwards
Louder, Please
Ready Or Not
Kum Ba Yah
What's His Name
Pieces of Eight
The Doghouse Dream House
The Good Bad Luck
The Watchdogs
Come, Come to the Fair

30-Minute Specials:
Christmas Lost and Found
New Year Promise
Happy Easter
Halloween Who-Dun-It
School... Who Needs It?
The Family of God (15 minutes)
To the Rescue