ABC - Premiered 9-11-74

Devlin Devlin concerned the adventures of Ernie Devlin, a motorcyle stunt rider with a travelling circus, who was aided by his brother Todd and sister Sandy. Naturally, the Devlin team would help associates with problems and solve mysteries that sprang up; unlike similar shows, however, Devlin took a more serious approach to the adventures, leading to more interest by kids looking for slightly more mature fare on Saturday mornings. Included at the end of each episode was a series of safety lessons so that the network couldn't be sued over kids attempting Devlin's stunts and break their little necks. The show was probably inspired by the daredevil motorcycle stunts of then-popular Evel Knievel. It lasted a season and a half.

Voice Talent:
Ernie Devlin - Mike Bell
Todd Devlin - Mickey Dolenz
Sandy Devlin - Michele Robinson
Hank - Norman Alden

Victory Over Fear
Hero Worshipper
Save That Lion
Todd's Triumph
Up, Up, and Away
The Challenge
Sandy's Choice
Sandy's Idol
The Big Blast
Innocent or Guilty
Like Father, Like Son
Jester's Secret
The Stowaway
Sandy's Turn
Sandy's Decision
Dad's Friend