Dodo - The Kid From Outer Space
Syndicated - Premiered 8-23-65

Dodo, the Kid From Outer Space Dodo was an alien boy from the planet Hydro who had propellers on his heels and pointy ears; he often spoke in rhyme. He was assisted by a robotic bird buddy whose eyes spun in a slot machine, as well as fellow Hydronian Professor Fingers, whose lab coat could fit useful objects of practically any size into its pockets. Dodo occasionally ran with an Earth boy and girl named Why and How. Dodo's adventures often featured mundane, Earthly subjects that captured his interest because of their seeming oddity (like a visit to the circus or the rodeo) but he also fought the usual assortment of badguys. As a testament to the time in which it was produced, Dodo looked forward to the wonders to come from the use of atomic energy - a feeling which is no longer quite so widespread. Each episode lasted five minutes.

Dodo was produced by the British animation studio of Halas and Batchelor, run by the husband-and-wife team of John Halas and Joy Batchelor. The team had previously been responsible for such little-remembered imports as Foo Foo and Snip Snap (were these syndicated together?) as well as the animated feature Animal Farm based upon the Orwell novel. Later on the studio would be responsible for animating some popular shows produced by other hands, such as The Osmonds and The Jackson 5ive cartoons, as well as The Addams Family and The Partridge Family: 2200 AD. Dodo was produced in the Japanese-inspired fashion becoming popular at the time (along the lines of Astro Boy; the studio's later shows would be created in a less appealing, limited-animation style.

Dodo Goes to Dancing School
Dodo and the Tardies
The Day the Earth Was Sold
Dodo and Compy Go to Hollywood
Dodo and the Hi-Jacked Plane
Dodo at the Tennis Tournament
Dodo at the Fair
Dodo Goes to Paris
Dodo Directs the First Spaceball Game
Dodo and the Touchies
Dodo in Japan
Dodo in the Elephant Valley
Dodo in the Mystery Fire
Dodo and the Sunken Treasure
Dodo and the Smellometer
Dodo and the Innocent Bulb Napper
Dodo at the Scout Jamboree
Dodo Meets a Bustling Busker
Dodo in a Garage Adventure
Dodo and the Magic Magnet
Dodo Buys a Space Pig
Dodo's Christmas Adventure
Dodo and the Hurdy Gurdy Man
Dodo in Supersonic Reporting
Dodo and the TV Burglars
Dodo in a Very Sheepish Affair
Dodo and the Ancient Idol
Dodo at the Opera
Dodo Meets the Abominable Snowman
Early Bird Catch
Dodo Helps Interpol
Dodo Finds the Lost Constellation
Dodo Goes Horsing Around
Dodo in the Dodon Discovery
Dodo and Compy Dance Out of Trouble
Dodo and the Easter Bell
Dodo and the Forty Winks Machine
Dodo at the Rodeo
Dodo Paints a House
Dodo and the Diamond Thieves
Dodo Joins the Circus
Dodo and the Fishing Fleet
Dodo in a Ski Adventure
Dodo in the Secret of the Pyramid
Dodo Goes West
Dodo and the Haunted House
Dodo's Arrival Story
A Real Good Skate
Dodo in a Bully Adventure
Dodo Visits the Moon
Dodo in High Prospecting
Dodo at the Symphony
Professor Fingers Builds a Bridge
Dodo and the Kidnapped Kid
The Magic Magnet Saves Money
Dodo the Circus Star
Dodo and the Purloined Picture
Dodo in the Music of the Spheres
Dodo Meets the Moon Mice
The Magic Magnet Goes Wild
Dodo and the Space Pirates
Dodo and the Astronaut
Dodo in Pukcab Land
Dodo and the Stuck Spaceship
Dodo and the Loch Ness Monster
The Microfilm Spies
Dodo in the Smuggle Puzzle
Dodo and the Transatlantic Cable
Dodo at the Lighthouse
Dodo Finds the Cat's Tongue
Compy Happens
A Whale of a Party
Dodo Goes to Aquascot
Dodo in License Trouble
Dodo in the Discovery of Fingercillin
Dodo at the Ballet
Dodo at the Sky Hotel
Dodo and the Astrognome