Dynomutt, Dog Wonder

Dynomutt, Dog Wonder
ABC - Premiered 6-3-78

Dynomutt, Dog Wonder Dynomutt was a robotic dog equipped with extending limbs and other electronic gadgets built into him; the problem was that they often didn't work. Dynomutt was the pet of (and was presumably built by) a superhero named Blue Falcon (affectionately referred to as B.F.); they tooled around in the Falconcar, were given orders by secret agent Focus One (didn't any of these Saturday-morning superheroes act independently?), and fought the usual super-villains. In secret, Blue Falcon was millionaire art dealer Radley Crowne, and the heroes' secret base, the Falcon's Lair, was located within Crowne's penthouse apartment. Apparently Dynomutt's only disguise was a domino mask; how everyone in Big City kept from realizing that the two robotic dogs weren't the same one is anybody's guess.

Dynomutt's adventures were originally part of The Scooby Doo/Dynomutt Hour starting in 1976; they were also briefly part of Scooby's All-Star Laff-A-Lympics (under the title of 'Blue Falcon and Dynomutt'). In 1980, the show would reappear as part of The Godzilla/Dynomutt Hour With The Funky Phantom, which is probably one of the most ridiculous, desperate titles ever conceived.

Voice Talents:
Dynomutt - Frank Welker
Blue Falcon - Gary Owens
Focus One / Narrator - Ron Feinberg
Mayor - Larry McCormick

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