The Funky Phantom

the Funky Phantom
ABC - Premiered 9-11-71

Funky Phantom The Funky Phantom was about three teenagers who travelled around solving mysteries and righting wrongs - unlike certain other shows, however, this one brought its ghosts along for the ride.

Teenagers Skip, Augie, and April, along with dog Elmo, accidentally release the ghost of Jonathan Wellington Muddlemore (aka Rusty) and his ghostly cat Boo from a grandfather clock. Rusty had been in the clock since the Revolutionary War, when he selected the clock as a hiding place from the British. Now released, the funky phantom is glad to be free and roaming the countryside.

Episodes of The Funky Phantom were later put back into circulation in such 'package' shows as The Fun World of Hanna-Barbera and The Godzilla/Dynomutt Show. You can view a gallery of Funky Phantom comic book covers by going here.

Voice talents:
Musty - Daws Butler
April Stewart - Tina Holland Skip - Mickey Dolenz
Augie - Tommy Cook
Add'l voices - Jerry Dexter, Julie Bennett

Don't Fool With a Phantom
Heir Scare
I'll Haunt You Later
Who's Chicken?
The Headless Horseman
Spirit Spooked
Ghost Town Ghost
We Saw A Sea Serpent
Haunt in Inn
Mudsy Joins the Circus
Pigskin Predicament
The Liberty Bell Caper
April's Foolish Day
The Forest Prime Evil
The Hairy Scarey Houndman
Mudsy and the Muddlemore Mansion
Ghost Grabbers