The Gary Coleman Show

The Gary Coleman Show
NBC - Premiered 9-18-82
Gary Coleman Still riding high on the fame of his Arnold Drummond character from the hit sitcom Diff'rent Strokes, Gary Coleman loaned his voice and name to this show about a guardian angel who must prove he's worthy to get into Heaven. As angel Andy LeBeau, Gary has to do the usual do-gooder thing by helping people with their problems. He is assisted (if that's the word) by Angelica, a sort of middle-management angel, and thwarted by Hornswoggle, who tries to screw up all of Andy's doings. Based on the TV movie The Kid With the Broken Halo, this series proved unpopular with viewers and only lasted one season.

Voice Cast:
Andy LeBeau - Gary Coleman
Angelica - Jennifer Darling
Hornswoggle - Sidney Miller
Spence - Calvin Mason
Tina - La Shana Dendy
Bartholomew - Jerry Houser
Chris -Lauren Anders
Lydia - Julie McWhirter Dees
Mack - Steve Schatzberg
Haggle - Jeff Gordon

Episodes: (two per show)
Going, Going, Gone
Fouled Up Fossils
You Oughta Be In Pictures
Derby Daze
Calamity Canine
In the Swim
Space Odd-Essey
Hornswoggle's Hoax
Cupid Andy
Put Up Or Fix Up
Haggle and Double Haggle
Wuthering Kites
Mansion Madness
Keep On Movin' On
Take My Tonsils, Please
The Royal Visitor
Dr. Livingstone, I Presume
Hornswoggle's New Leaf
Haggle's Luck
Mack's Snow Job
Head in the Clouds
The Future Tense
The Prettiest Girl in Oakville
Andy Sings the Blues
Easy Money
Teacher's Pest