Gilligan's Planet

Gilligan's Planet
ABC - Premiered 9-18-82

Gilligan's Planet Gilligan's Planet was a fantasy spinoff from the original cult favorite Gilligan's Island TV show. Here, of course, rather than being simply stranded on a small uncharted Pacific island, they are stranded upon another planet entirely. Presumably, the Professor had built a spaceship capable of catapulting the castaways away from their original predicament, only to land them in a far more intractable one.

Naturally, all of the tropes of the original series are here - the Professor's wacky inventions (though he has more outlandish resources than the original cocoanuts); the various escape attempts; and the various beings who wander by to make the castaways' lives more interesting. Naturally, given the science-fiction theme of the show, they are all aliens of some sort. Gilligan has even adopted a small reptilian pet, Bumper, which serves a sort of Saturday-morning-archetype role as the Cute Little Pet Which Doesn't Speak But Gets In All Sorts Of Wacky Shenanigans.

The show, while being as inventive as the format would allow, simply wasn't popular with youthful audiences, and lasted for only twelve episodes.

Gilligan's Planet Trivia
- This was actually the second Saturday-morning, animated version of the Castaways' adventures; the first was The New Adventures of Gilligan from 1974.
- This was the last Saturday morning show created for the big networks by Filmation; henceforth, all of their efforts in this direction would be syndicated.
- The original Gilligan's Island cast members returned to voice their original roles - with the exception of Tina Louise, who also refused to return for the late-70's TV movies. Her voice was here covered by Dawn Wells, who also played Mary Ann.

Gilligan - Bob Denver
The Skipper, Jonas Grumby - Alan Hale Jr.
The millionaire, Thurston Howell III - Jim Backus
Lovey Howell, his wife - Natalie Schafer
Ginger Grant, the movie star - Dawn Wells
Mary Ann Summers, the small-town girl - Dawn Wells
The Professor, Roy Hinkley - Russell Johnson

The Amazing Colossal Gilligan
Bumper to Bumper
Gilligan's Army
I Dream Of Genie
Invaders of the Lost Barque
Journey to the Center Of... Planet
Let Sleeping Minnows Lie
Road to Boom
Space Pirates
Too Many Gilligans
Turnabout is Fair Play