The Herculoids

The Herculoids
CBS - Premiered 9-9-67

Herculoids Herculoids was a half-hour animated adventure series featuring a warrior family and their super-powered pet monsters. The group protected their barren homeplanet Amzot (or was it Quasar?) from threats alien and domestic. The series adventures were similar in look and feel to Space Ghost, and was produced by Hanna-Barbera.

The characters were Zandor, the father, a warrior; Tara, Zandor's wife and a warrior in her own right; Dorno, their fun-loving son; Igoo, who appeared to be an enormous gorilla made out of stone; Gloop and Gleep, two Schmoo-like creatures apparently made out of some sort of alien protoplasm that allowed them to stretch and change their shape; Tundro, a weird triceratops with too many legs, who could shoot fireballs at his enemies; and Zok, a flying dragon who could shoot laser beams from his eyes and the tip of his tail, and who could fly in outer space. (Based on a true story.)

While the Herculoids' adventures were exciting to watch for a small child, there's really not a lot to say about them at this late date. Like a lot of childhood favorites, the show does not quite stand up to modern viewings and in fact becomes tedious pretty quickly.

Voice Talents:
Mike Road - Zandor, Zok, Igoo
Tara - Virginia Gregg
Ted Eccles - Dorno
Don Messick - Gloop and Gleep

Stories (two per episode):
The Beaked People
The Raiders
The Ped Creatures
Sarko, the Arkman
The Mole Men
The Pirates
The Spider Man
The Lost Dorgyte
Destroyer Ants
Defeat or Orgon
The Android People
Temple of Trax
The Swamp Monster
Laser Lancers
The Raiders Apes
Tiny World of Terror
Prisoner of the Bubblemen
The Time Creatures
The Gladiators of Kyanite
Mekkano, the Machine Master
Invasion of the Electrode Men
Mission of the Amatrons
Queen Skorra
Attack of the Faceless People
The Zorbots
Return of Sta-Lak
Revenge of the Pirates
Ruler of the Reptons
The Island of the Gravities
Malak and the Metal Apes
The Return of Torrak
The Antidote
Attack From Space
The Mutoids
The Crystalites