The Houndcats

The Houndcats
NBC - Premiered 9-9-72

Houndcats The Houndcats was a cartoon about a crack government team consisting of dogs and cats, who undertake various missions in the Old West. They got their assignments from a recorded voice message, just as on the recently-ended CBS evening series Mission Impossible, so that it was a parody of that show, as well as of Wild Wild West and perhaps other TV Westerns, which were still viable on that medium for the time being.

Stutz was the group's leader; Mussell Mutt was its strongman, Rhubarb the inventor of the team's spy gadgets, Puttypuss its master of disguise, and the tricky work went to stuntman Dingdog. Daws Butler provided the voice of Stutz, while others were supplied by such TV stalwarts as Joe Besser and Arte Johnson.

Houndcats is largely forgotten these days, and probably rightly so; it appeared for only a single year between 1972 and '73, and is often lost among the more fondly remembered Saturday morning fare of the period.

Stutz - Daws Butler
Mussel Mutt - Aldo Ray
Rhubarb - Arte Johnson
Puttypuss - Joe Besser
Dingdog - Stu Gilliam
Other voices: Joan Gerber, Michael Bell

The Misbehavin' Raven Mission
The Double Dealing Diamond Mission
The Great GOld Train Mission
The Over the Waves Mission
There's No Biz Like Snow Biz Mission
The Stranger Than Fiction Mission
The Ruckus on the Rails Mission
The Who's Who That's Who Mission
The Perilous, Possibly, Pilfered Plans Mission
The French Collection Mission
The Outta Sight Blight Mission
Is There A Doctor in the Greenhouse Mission
The Call Me Madame X Mission