Krofft Supershow

The Krofft Supershow
ABC - Premiered 9-11-76

Kaptain Kool and the Kongs Krofft Supershow was a Saturday-morning musical-comedy-variety program, a format which was a big hit with adults during that time (the mid to late 1970's). It consisted of several mini-shows which were bracketed by the musical-variety part which consisted of host segments, introducing and commenting each segment.

The show was hosted by an invented rock group called Kaptain Kool and the Kongs, which started out looking like an overly-outrageous glam-rock group complete with plenty of glitter, high heels, and tight outfits. Kaptain Kool was portrayed by Michael Lembeck, who would go on to be a regular on One Day At A Time and eventually become a writer and director for television. The Kongs consisted of cute-girl-next-door Superchick (Debra Clinger), tall, lanky goofball Turkey (Mickey McMeel), not-as-cute-but-still-certainly-bangable gal Nashville (Louise Duart), and Flatbush (Bert Sommer), who had no real identifying characteristics, which is probably why he was gone after the first season. The Kongs sang songs, introduced the shows, and also appeared in short, slapstick sketches between the adventure segments.

It was actually the adventure segments which most people remembered over the years. In the first season, kids were treated first to Wonderbug, about a dune buggy that could think, talk, and drive itself, so that it was naturally adopted by three bland teenagers who got into all sorts of scrapes; Dr. Shrinker, a mad scientist who shrunk people (hence the name), and chased them all over his tropical island estate with the help of assistant Hugo, played by Saturday-morning superstar Billy Barty; and Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, two superheroines (Deidre Hall played the elder one) who fought crime while looking pretty good in their sparkly, skin-tight outfits. Rounding out the last half-hour were truncated reruns of Lost Saucer.

In the second season, of these three only Wonderbug remained; the new segments were Magic Mongo, about a mischievous, Hawaiian-shirt-wearing genie (played by the erstwhile Lennie Weinrib) and his teenaged cohorts; and Bigfoot & Wildboy, about the adventures of Sasquatch and his adopted human companion. Lost Saucer was gone too, as the second season saw the show at only an hour in length. The Kongs cleaned up their act a bit, getting rid of the dead weight (i.e., Flatbush) and adopting more traditionally variety-show, matching outfits.

Krofft Supershow Theme:
Don't get left behind
Take a trip with us today
We will lead you through a land of dreams

Krofft has some super shows
They will blow your mind away
When you join us, you'll know why we say:

It's just a crazy world
Where anything goes down
Where most of what appears isn't true
So in this crazy world
We like to be downtown*
And laugh at life along with you

*'Around' in the second season.