CBS - Premiered 9-11-71

Lidsville Of all the trippy shows created by Sid & Marty Krofft, this one might be the trippiest. Head-trip, of course.

Lidsville was about a land of sentient hats - yes, freakin' hats - and an Earth boy who is magically transported there, to go on lots of wacky adventures. The boy Mark (played by Butch Patrick of Munsters fame) fell into the hat of magician Merlo. The principal villain was Hoodoo, who flew around in his 'hatamaran,' trying to capture Mark for some damned reason or other; Hoodoo was played to perfection by the wonderful Charles Nelson Reilly. A female antagonist, Weenie the Genie, also showed up to cause trouble; she was played by the also-magnificent Billie Hayes, who was already bewitching children as the spastic Witchiepoo on the Kroffts' H. R. Pufnstuf. That's about it, really.

Honestly, what were the Krofft brothers smoking in the late 60's & early 70's? Besides the already-weird Pufnstuff, they also created the Bugaloos, which were a rock band who lived in a land of insects. And all these witchy women keep appearing in their work - Witchie Poo being the Alpha Bitch, but also Weenie the Genie, Benita Bizarre... did the Brothers have some sort of issue with their mother?

Anyway. Lidsville, like its predecessors, starred both 'regular' humans in costume as well as actors in adult-sized puppet costumes, for which the Kroffts were originally known. The show lasted for one season, seventeen episodes; the following season it would be reruns-only.

The Kroffts would redeem themselves a few years later with the magnificent Land of the Lost... but, that's a story for another day.

A Banana Fits Tightly
Clean in Your Turban...You're Through!
Weenie, Weenie, Where's Our Genie?
Take Me to Your Rabbit
Show Me the Way to Go Home
Let's Hear it for Whizzo
Little Hoodoo Goes Body Surfing
Bunions for Sale!
Hoodoo, Whodunnit
Alias, the Imperial Wizard
Fly Now, Vacuum Later!
The Great Brain Robbery
The Gruff-U-Later!
Is There Bowl of Headcheese Nearby?
Have I Got a Girl for Hoodoo!
Mommy Hoodoo
Mark and the Bean