Lost Saucer

Lost Saucer
ABC - Premiered 9-11-75

Lost Saucer Lost Saucer was another show by the duo of Sid & Marty Krofft designed to zonk the imaginations of kids on Saturday mornings in the mid-70's.

Jim Nabors (Andy Griffith Show, Gomer Pyle, USMC) and Ruth Buzzi (Laugh-In) play Fi and Fum, two alien androids from the year 2369 who land their flying saucer on modern-day Earth for some reason. They become friends with young Jerry and his teenaged babysitter Alice, and invite the two aboard their saucer; but when the police come snooping around, the androids become nervous and take off in the craft. Having gone into the distant past, it is discovered that the ship's time-traveling controls are somehow damaged - and now the lost saucer keeps bouncing back and forth in time, hoping to get the children back to their own world safely.

Not a lot is remembered of this show except that it wasn't really that good (despite Buzzi's & Nabors's obvious comedic talents). What most small viewers of the time seem to remember fondly is the Dorse, a futuristic creature which is a cross between a dog and a horse.

Lost Saucer would return as part of the larger Krofft Supershow.

Ruth Buzzi - Fi
Jim Nabors - Fum
Jarrod Johnson - Jerry
Alice Playten - Alice

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