Milton the Monster

Milton the Monster
CBS - Premiered 9-13-69

Milton the Monster The Mid '60s brought a new genre of the Monster Spoof which was best exemplified by rival sitcoms The Munsters and The Addams Family and by the 1969 stop-motion animation feature Mad Monster Party. Mostly forgotten, but completely hilarious, is the cartoon monster spoof called The Milton The Monster Show, which ran Saturday mornings on ABC from October 1965 to September 1968. Created and produced by veteran animator Hal Seeger, who had worked for the Fleischer brothers back in the golden age of movie animation (and later went on to create the superhero spoof Batfink), the show was packed full of a bizarre collection of spooky characters. The main writer for the series was Jack Mercer, who was also famous as the voice of Popeye for many years.

The main segment of the show revolved around Milton, a friendly Frankenstein-like monster and his family of mean monsters.

The cast consisted of:

Milton The Monster - The big monster with a heart of gold and a smoking hole in the top of his head. His personality and voice are both remeniscent of Jim Nabors. Milton's voice was provided by Bob McFadden who also provided the voice for Cool McCool.
Professor Weirdo - Milton?s 'daddy' and the lord of the manor on Horror Hill. Part time mad scientist, buys old mummies the way other folks buy antiques.
Count Kook - The Professor's snooty assistant, Kook often plots to take over the mansion.
Heebie & Jeebie - Milton's 'brothers,' Heebie sounds like Peter Lorre and looks like a long haired skeleton, Jeebie is a furry green creature with one eye and one fang, and dressed only in black boots. Milton refers to the three of them as 'the Three Monsterteers.'
Fangenstein - Rival monster. Think Marlon Brando in The Wild One, but with green skin and fangs.
Baby - Fangenstein's motorcycle with a mind of its own.
Abacrombie The Zombie - Slow speaking, goofy looking monster with a light bulb shaped head, often in league with Fangenstein.

The main back-up segment on The Milton The Monster Show featured the adventures of Fearless Fly. Fearless's secret identity was Hyrum Fly who spent most of his time at the hip fly hangout, The Sugar Bowl. When danger arose Hyrum would run into a match box and don his superpowered glasses that channeled energy into his brain, turning him into the powerful Fearless Fly! Fearless Fly's main opponents was the evil Dr. Gu Fee and his henchman, Gung Ho. Other segments on the show included Flukey Luke, a cowboy detective (who looked kind of like Buddy Hackett) in the big city (this was year's before McCloud) who had an Indian sidekick with an Irish accent, Muggy Doo, a con-man fox, Stuffy Derma, about a millionaire hobo, and Penny Penguin, the brattiest little girl in the world.