The Monster Squad

Monster Squad
NBC - Premiered 9-11-76

Monster Squad Monster Squad concerned a group of crimefighters composed of classic movie monsters - a Dracula, a werewolf, and a Frankenstein's monster, plus their average-joe assistant, Walt. Walt somehow created the group one night during his job as a museum guard - the wax statues of the creatures came to life and offered to help him solve crimes. The monsters provided the muscle while Walt provided the brains, usually staying back safely at the museum watching the goings-on on his computer monitor. It being the 1970's, the monsters tooled around in their own custom-themed van.

Walt was played by actor Fred Grandy; this would be his most honorable claim to fame, as he would later be featured as Gopher on The Love Boat and eventually serve as a United States Congressman.

Monster Squad lasted only one season.