CBS - Premiered 9-22-79

Spider-Woman The Spider-Woman cartoon series was inspired by the recently-launched comic book from Marvel Comics; the character was basically an attempt at replicating Spider-Man's enormous popularity with a female character. Similarly, she had several spider-based powers - which had been given to her via an experimental serum made from spider venom - which some new ones, such as enhanced immunity. Interestingly enough, the character spent some time as a villain called Arachne who was sent to assassinate SHIELD agent Nick Fury.

In the cartoon, Jessica Drew was the editor and publisher of Justice magazine who spent her off-hours fighting crime in costume. Her main nemeses included sorcerer The Great Magini, The Fly, and Tomand, 'ruler of the Realm of Darkness.'

The series lasted about six months, its final episode airing on March 1, 1980.

Voice Talents:
Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew - Joan Van Ark
Jeff Hunt, photographer - Bruce Miller
Billy Drew, Jessica's nephew - Bryan Scott
Police Chief - Lou Krugman
Detective Miller - Larry Carroll

Pyramids of Terror
Realm of Darkness
The Amazon Adventure
The Ghost Vikings
The Kingpin Strikes Again
The Lost Continent
The Kongo Spider
Games Of Doom
Shuttle To Disaster
Dracula's Revenge
The Spider Woman and The Fly
Invasion of the Black Hole
The Great Magini
A Crime In Time
Return of the Spider Queen
A Deadly Dream